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Oct 2010 NUIM Maynooth - Workshop Day and Plenary Meeting

8th HEA FutureComm Workshop Day and Plenary Meeting

The First HEA FutureComm PhD Workshop Day in conjuction with the 8th plennary meeting of the HEA PRTLI Cycle 4 programme FutureComm was conducted in NUIM Maynooth-HI premises. On 5th October 2010 HEA PRTLI Future Comms Project members meet in Maynooth city, This time the meeting was hosted in Hamilton Institute at North Campus at National University of Ireland Maynooth . The 1st HEA PRTLI FutureComms PhD Workshop Day was an excellent excersice and great experience for students interactions and feedback from the attendees. HEA PRTLI PhD Workshop day is planned for mid next year.

The two days PhD Workshop/Meeting was a preliminary excercise for all project members.

Day One:  05/10/2010 (Hamilton Institute/NUIM, Maynooth)  PhD Workshop activities where students made a series of presentations in the form research advances, achievements, objectives and future activities. the objective was to receive feedback and inputs to improve their current research activity/work.

Day one - PhD Workshop Day
10:00 Arrival/coffee
10:30 Update on Research Strands Activities
            Strand 1: (Dmitri/Dave)
            Strand 2: (Dmitri)
            Strand 3: (Aphra)
11:00   PhD Student Workshop :
Leigh Griffin (TSSG): (30 mins)
·        Hang Hang (Hamilton) (30 mins)
Stepan Ivanov (TSSG): (30 mins)
Nora O’Morchu (UL) (30 mins)
13:00   Lunch
14:00 PhD Student Workshop (cont.):
Ray Carroll (TSSG) (30 mins)
·        Anders Sigfridsson (30 mins)
·        Ahmed Mohmed EI-mesiry (TSSG) (30 mins)
15:30 FutureComm PhD program discussion (Dmitri)
16:00 Coffee
16:15 FutureComm PhD program in the next 2 years (Dmitri)
-         Year 4 (- 09/2011)
-         Year 5( 10/2011 – 09/2012)
Supervision support
Potential issues/problems

17:00 Closing

Day Two - Plennary Meeting

06/10/2010:  Hamilton Institute/NUIM, Maynooth
10:00 Coffee
10:15 Deliverables/Reports Status
            Deliverables D1.2 (Aphra/Stefano/Cristiano)

            Deliverables D2.2 (Mikael/Martin)

            Reports (Tom)
10:45 Strand 3 Status (Aphra/Cristiano/Stefano)
12:00 Coffee
12:15 FutureComm and Future Internet (Dmitri/Martin)

            Future Internet activities (Martin)


12:45 Lunch
13.45 Post Project Publicity Events Planning (Willie/Micheal/Dmitri/Aphra)
14:15 Post Project Activities (Willie/Micheal Dmitri/Mikael/Aphra)
            Future Funding Activities (EU/Ireland) (FET, PRTLI 5, etc)
            Inter-insttitutional collaboration
            Inter-disciplinary collaboration
15:45 Meeting Summary and Action Points (Dmitri)
16:00   Closing









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