Waterford Institute of Technology - TSSG


Dr. Willie Donnelly

Willie is the Director of the TSSG, and Head of Research in Waterford Institute of Technology.

Mícheál Ó Foghlú

Mícheál Ó Foghlú is the Executive Director Research of the TSSG. His main research interests are in Future Internet infrastuctures and services, and in particular in the Quality of Service and Security of IPv6.

Dr. Dmitri Botvich

Dmitri Botvich’s main research interests are in mathematical modelling, optimization, adaptive and distributed algorithms, bio-inspired and socially-inspired mechanisms and their applications for communications networks and computer systems. He is also involved in research related to molecular communications for nanomachines.

Dr. Tom Pfeifer

Tom Pfeifer has a long track record in location and context aware systems. His current topics within the area of Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing and Communications include Location Based Services, processing of sensor data, verification of ubiquitous systems and large scale collaborations.

Dr. Sasitharan Balasubramaniam

Sasitharan Balasubramaniam's main research interests are in Bio-inspired algorithms and their applications for communications networks supporting the Future Internet. He is also conducting research in molecular communications for nanomachines.

Dr. Huaiguo Fu

Dr. Huaiguo Fu's main interest is developing scalable and distributed algorithms of data mining and machine learning. He has also contributed to other research areas such as bioinformatics, data visualization and digital ecosystem. In Futurecomm he develops healthcare services based on novel machine learning algorithms.

Dr. Martin Serrano

Martin Serrano is leading research in Trust Management using Pervasive Applications (Context-Awareness). He is currently exploring semantic techniques applied to policy-based management systems as an approach to producing cognitive applications capable of understanding service and application events to control service life cycle. He is also investigating using sensor networks to monitor end-user activity patterns for personalized healthcare systems (pHealth).

Dr. Chamil Kulatunga

Chamil Kulatunga is conducting research in peer-to-peer streaming area exploring novel Future Internet services in user-provided networking (micro-providers) scenario. He is currently developing efficient sub-streamed mesh-based P2P algorithms for network heterogeneities. He is also studying P2P-TV viewing patterns of the users to integrate into peer prioritisations and the aspects of P2P traffic localisations based on geography or the network provider.

Leigh Griffin (PhD Student)

Leigh Griffin is a PhD student investigating the relationship between group formation mechanisms, communication services and system performance. This work has been grounded in hospital and pharmacy based scenarios conducted within the HEA-FutureComm project.

Ray Carroll (PhD Student)

Stepan Ivanov (PhD Student)

Kevin Hayes (PhD Student)

Ahmed Mohamad El_Mesiry (PhD Student)

Frank Walsh (part-time PhD Student)

Korbinian Frank (part-time PhD Student)

NUI Maynooth - Dept. of Sociology


Dr. Stefano de Paoli

Dr. Aphra Kerr

Dr. Aphra Kerr is a Lecturer in Sociology at NUI Maynooth and a research associate of the NIRSA institute. Her main research interests include the political economy and cultures of production and use of new media, particularly of the internet and digital games. She is also conducting research into systems of governance, control and trust in online worlds.

NUI Maynooth - Hamilton


Dr. David Malone

Dr. Douglas Leith

University of Limerick - IDC


Mikael Fernstrom

Mikael Fernstrom is the technical manager of the IDC. His research interest covers Computer Science, HCI, Electronics and Multimedia.

Liam Bannon

Liam Bannon is Director of the Interaction Design Centre and Professor of Computer Science, Dept. of Computer Science & Information Systems at University of Limerick. Liam is interested in improving the utility, usability, and desireability of the computational artifacts we design. Liam is involved in the filed of Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Interaction design and Information Systems.

Dr. Cristiano Storni

Cristiano Storni holds a PhD in Information Systems and Organization and is post-doc research fellow at the Interaction Design Centre at the University of Limerick. He is interested in STS and Interaction Design. In Health Care his research focuses on self-care practices and technology.

Nora O'Murchu

Nora O’ Murchu is a curator and Ph.D. candidate at the Interaction Design Centre in the University of Limerick. Her current research focuses on the design of open-ended interactive systems and how open source communities can offer unique insights for the development of interactive systems for the Interaction Design Community.

Anders Sigfridsson

Anders Sigfridsson is a Doctoral student at the Interaction Design Centre in University of Limerick. His background is in systems development and information systems. His recent research has involved qualitative empirical studies of computer-supported activities in different contexts, including settings such as open source communities and industry. Currently, he works on flexible and personalizeable systems in the self-care domain.